Ultimate Guide To The Maintenance Of Stone And Marble Floors

Whether you are looking to purchase marble or stone floors or you already have one in place, proper care ensures that your floors look beautiful and protected for a long time. For the maintenance for stone, or marble floors click on the highlighted link. Depending on where you reside or the types of stone and marble floors you have installed, different maintenance practices can make them durable.

Daily requirements


It’s important to use a dry mop to remove any debris mainly sand and dirt. This is important because if they are left on the surface, then it tends to be abrasive to the flooring material which can damage it. Additionally, marble tends to be sensitive when it comes to acidic substances such as fruit juices, wine, soda or coffee and in the case of spills then it should be cleaned immediately otherwise the surface will look dull.

If it is possible you could try to apply neutral stone cleaner weekly or bi-weekly depending on the foot traffic. Additionally, you should check to determine whether the cleaner selected is right for the marble and stone floors.

Don’t underestimate the importance of sealers

Some stone such as travertine, granite, and soapstone are usually dense that makes it impossible for liquid to penetrate. However, marble tends to quickly absorb stains and liquid fast, and when a sealer is applied it creates an impenetrable shell which keeps the stain close to the surface, and this gives you time to remove the stain. It is also important that you study the marble before you can apply the sealer.


It’s important to note that stone and marble come with the different application so that they don’t get ruined as a result of the daily traffic. It’s therefore important for the polishing to be done after every few months. Additionally, you should read the terms of use since some manufacturers might recommend the application of an impregnator. When selecting a polish, it’s important to settle for those that are designed for specific stone types. This is important because settling for a floor finish that does not meet your floor requirements would not live up to its use.

Stripping of old polish build-up


This is the first step towards restoration, and it should be done every few months depending on the foot traffic. When preparing to strip the floor, it’s important to check with the manufacturer to ensure that you are selecting the right stripper given that some stones might react differently when certain stripping products are used.



Tips On Maintaining A Pool

As we all know, pools are different, and they require a different approach in maintenance. However, you will be amazed that all pools have only one secret to keeping them clean. In fact, regular care is all they need. Although the best bay to maintain your pool is with the help of professional cleaning pool company, you will still have to do a few things on your own.


To the good health of your water mass, these tips to maintain your pool will come in handy:

Vacuum Your Pool

Your pool is filled with chemical, and regular vacuuming will keep the chemicals balanced thus ensuring it is at a constant concentration level. Also, it is better if you have a manual vacuum.

Brush The Walls & Tiles

Calcium deposits and algae buildups are big problems to your pool. Hence, you should brush the walls and tiles at least once in a week. Additionally, the type of brush you use will depend on the kind of wall for your pool. For plastered concrete walls, use a stiff-bristle brush. For fiberglass or vinyl walls, you should use a soft-bristled brush.

Annual Professional Check

adasdsaYou may be doing all to make your pool sparkling clean. While that is a big plus, it does not mean you will never need some professional help from companies such as the ones found. Therefore, once a year, bring in an expert to examine and assess your pool. Always keep in mind that you may not see a problem, but the experts can see a small flaw that if left unattended to may lead to a disaster.

Absorb Oil Using Tennis Balls

You must have seen a tennis ball floating in a swimming pool. What did you think its purpose was? For many, they think it is for playing catch. However, a tennis ball is good at absorbing oil from the water. When swimmers leave the water, they definitely leave shreds of oil from body lotion or other hair products.

Keep It Covered During Winter

Swimming pools are most important during summer. However, you should not leave it open when winter comes knocking. You should cover it for the entire cold season. Before you do so, ensure the chemicals are balanced if you expect it to be ready for a dive when summer comes.

Keep An Eye On The Water Level

Just like chemicals, the level of your swimming pool water is essential. It has to remain the level of opening your skimmer halfway. After a rainstorm, the level will go up, and after an afternoon of children swimming, it will go down.

To fill up the water to the required level, simply use a garden hose to get the job done. If the level is higher than recommended, you will have to use a submersible pump to reduce it. For fiberglass and vinyl walled pools, you should consult a professional about drawing out the excess water because a pump would break the wall.