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Tips for choosing a wildlife control and removal company

Wild animals such as birds, bats, squirrels and raccoons will look for a nesting place and shelter wherever they can. This may also be in ones home, especially in the attic and roof. Times, when one may experience such encroachment, maybe when babies are on the way or during cold weather like in the winter. With such animal invasion, many concerns may arise. They could damage the home wiring, insulation and duct work. There is the health concern that arises from the urine and feces they release, the odor and also the mess they create. If you are experiencing such a problem, then it is time that you looked for a wildlife control and removal company.

Choosing a wildlife control and removal company

Services provided

It is vital for one to know what service they need as they plan to look for a company. This will help them find aanimal removal company that is able to provide the particular service they are looking for. Some companies will focus only on removing the animal and may not do any prevention work to stop a recurrence. Others will give the full range of service of animal proofing their client’s property by identifying access points and sealing them with exclusion material to keep off the wildlife challenge. Some will only deal with a particular type of animal control and removal and others will range in their service of animals that they handle. When searching for a wildlife control and removal company in your area, such as Melbourne Florida, be sure to ask the kind of service to expect so that you do not get surprises and disappointments.

Method of animal removal

Secondly, get to know the technique and method that the company uses to trap and catch the animals. Some companies have human trapping and relocate the animals. Others use lethal means to remove the animals. As a client what method do you want, this will help find the company that will deliver what you are looking for.

License and insurance

One needs to find out is the company is licensed to operate. This is proof that they are in compliance with states and local regulations and laws. The company also needs to be insured. This is a commercial liability insurance which protects the business against liability claims for damage to property or injuries that may happen while the job is being done.


animal removal 2It is important to get the cost of the service. It may be hard to get the information on the phone, but one can be given a rundown of the general cost of service for the animals being removed. It could be that one has seen one animal, but there may be more and also babies included. Thus the company needs to do an assessment of the job that will be done and provide written estimates.…